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mikbonsai limited 2012

All information provided on this site is provided in good faith and believed to be accurate.

The terms and conditions set out here are intended to be as comprehensive as possible but by the very nature of emerging and evolving law cannot be guaranteed to be complete.

Privacy Summary
We will not sell or share your data, nor will we spam you. We will only contact you occasionally with newsletters, and very rarely a product offer/ discount.

The Small Print
By using this site, downloading our products or requesting delivery of a product or service you are accepting our full terms of business.

All trees purchased in person can be refunded or swapped within 24 hours of purchase, assuming no trimming, damage or change of pot has been made.


mikbonsai will take appropriate steps to protect your privacy. Whenever you provide sensitive information, we will take reasonable steps to protect it. We will also take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information in storage.

We will not provide any of your personal information to other companies or individuals without your permission.

Cookies – tracking cookies are not used on this site except for registered users of the Store.

Our site uses Goggle analytics to track site usage. We do not use any other third party tracking tools. We do not hold, store or process payment information, this is done by third party gateway providers.


The mikbonsai web site provides links to third party sites. Since we do not control those web sites, we cannot be held responsible for the content therein and we encourage you to review the privacy policies of these third party sites.

Technical support

The mikbonsai web site has been optimised to be compatible with most recent web browsers. If you have a problem with the facilities of the site, contact webmaster AT mikbonsai DOT co.uk. Please be aware that you should also check that your web browser is set up correctly. Once mikbonsai has confirmed that there is nothing wrong with its own systems and database, no further support should be expected. mikbonsai cannot be held responsible for the configuration of a visitor’s web browser.

Downloads / Resources

The Resources/Downloads section of the site is for information only. mikbonsai cannot be held responsible for determining the usability or compatibility of any downloadable resource or file stored or displayed on the site. Any user downloading a file from this site does so at their own risk.

mikbonsai would like to hear of any resource that does cause a problem so that measure can be taken to rectify the situation.

Anyone downloading content should maintain any copyright notifications on that material and credit the source.

Access to our downloads and images are provided for educational and promotional purposes only, much of this material is copyright and by downloading our content you agree not to share access information or downloaded material.

Resource disclaimer

mikbonsai cannot be held responsible for any effect caused by the use of these resources. Whilst mikbonsai will take every care to ensure that resources posted are sound and do not contravene any law, mikbonsai cannot guarantee this. If a Resource is found to be doubtful in nature, its presence on mikbonsai will be suspended, subject to investigation. Customers downloading Resources do so at their own risk and exonerate mikbonsai from any liability. All files are regularly checked for virus and malware.

Site features and facilities

The use of any of the facilities on mikbonsai is not guaranteed and any facility, whether free or purchased, may be withdrawn at any time.

Buying access to mikbonsai services does not constitute a contract for mikbonsai to continue to provide the same level of features and facilities in place at the time the first service was purchased.

Developments to the site are ongoing and facilities that are currently free may become part of a paid for service. Options that are current within a particular option may be moved to another option. This includes from one level of service to another level of service, or from a paid for level to a free option. mikbonsai will however endeavour to give notice of these changes, but cannot guarantee forewarning.

Settlement terms

All sales, unless otherwise stated, are strictly cleared funds with order. Where credit items are allowed, terms of payment are strictly net and payable 30 days from the date of mikbonsai’s invoice. A 1% per day charge will be made on all late payments.


All prices are subject to change without notice. All prices on this site are in GBP.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all orders are executed subject to prices ruling at the date of dispatch and not mikbonsai price list, whether published or not, shall affect the right of mikbonsai to charge for goods in accordance with this clause.


For training delivery, Programme cancellations by the client will not occur any costs if more than 4 weeks notice is given, 50% of costs if 8-28 days notice and 100% if less than 7 days notice.


Products and services described in the mikbonsai web site or elsewhere may be subject to a continuing process of change and development and mikbonsai reserves the right to alter specifications without notice anytime before delivery.
Accuracy of information

Whilst mikbonsai make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information shown in the web site, we can accept no liability for damages or injury arising directly or indirectly from any error or omission in such information.


The terms and conditions may be changed without notice to comply with regulations. This may result in facilities or approvals being withdrawn without notice in order to comply with the regulations that govern the operation of this site.

No Waiver

mikbonsai’s failure to insist upon strict performance of any provision of these Conditions shall not be deemed to be a waiver of its rights or remedies in respect of any present or future default of the members in performance or compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

Force Majeure

mikbonsai cannot be liable for any breach of its obligations contained above resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to fires, floods or damage (of its own or other premises) insurrection or riots, embargoes, destruction of or delays in transmission, inability to obtain supplies and raw materials requirements or regulations of any civil or military authority (an ‘Event of Force Majeure’). mikbonsai agrees to give notice forthwith to its users upon becoming aware of an Event of Force Majeure such notices to contain details of the circumstances giving rise to the Event of Force Majeure. If a default due to an Event of Force Majeure shall continue for more than 28 days then the party not in default shall be entitled to terminate the above terms. mikbonsai shall not have any liability to its customers in respect of the termination of this agreement as a result of an Event of Force Majeure.


The laws of England and Wales apply to the jurisdiction and governance of this site, our products and services.

For a written copy of our Terms and conditions of business please email contract AT mikbonsai.co.uk or use the contact us page.

mikbonsai use a range of providers to process payments and/or to dispatch products. Where possible we offer a range of channels and leave it for the purchaser to select the one they are most conformable with.

We accept and are PayPal verfied
For on-line purchases we do not collect, hold or process your card details – this is done by secure partners.

Distance Selling Regulations

In the UK any product bought “at distance” is subject to a 7 day “cooling off period” – we support this. This does not affect your statutory rights.