Acer Palmatum Shin Deshojo Maple bonsai Pruning Technique by mikbonsai

Japanese Bonsai Twin trunk Acer Palmatum Shin Deshojo Maple Pruning Technique by mikbonsai.

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How to prune Deshojo, pruning these Bonsai trees is best done either during dormancy period early spring to sort of the branch structure. On every new tertiary branch leave either one or two sets of nodes and prune to remove the test of the branch. Also where that are two or more branches, remove the stronger one and retain the smaller branch, this technique is extremely useful to keep the canopy tight and not let it get too wide.

Deshojo Maples tolerate full sun. Leaf scorch can be caused by under or over watering. Best leaf colour is achieved when kept in partial shade. Well drained slightly acidic soil gives best results.


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