Bonsai Clinics

Bonsai Tree Clinics/ Master Classes

bonsai workshops & bonsai clinicsAre you looking for a bonsai workshop or bonsai clinic to develop your skills, and the look of your bonsai?

One of the problems of bonsai trees, is the challenge of learning and applying specific pruning and re-potting skills etc.

Learning these skills in a bonsai workshop or bonsai class is important, and we would encourage all our customers to attend at least one bonsai class or bonsai workshop with a reputable “bonsai master”.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have time to spend attending 1/2 or full day long bonsai workshops or courses on a regular basis.

For those of us with time challenges, we have the unique opportunity of attending a 2 hr bonsai clinic or one-to-one masterclass with a bonsai master. Bring your tree and you will receive just the coaching/ support you and your bonsai tree need at the time. You can consider our bonsai clinics to be your very own one-to-one bonsai workshop.

What will your bonsai clinic cover?

Our bonsai clinics are run in a professional environment in the Twickenham area, with easy off street parking for you and your bonsai.

At the bonsai clinic, one of our bonsai masters will work with you to prune, manage roots, re-pot, manage disease, or what ever assistance you and your bonsai require. If you have the basic skills our bonsai masters will help guide your steps and actions. If you do not have the necessary skills, then we will help coach you step-by-step, what you need to do.

Your bonsai tree may be a prime specimen, or it may have been forgotten for some time and be in need of some intensive love and attention. What ever its condition it’s ok, we are here to help you and your tree.

The bonsai clinics are suitable for both beginners and seasoned amateurs alike. We each have something to learn from each other. or example, there are some that have specialised in evergreen trees for some time, and then are looking to expand/ diversify to fruit trees. Just because someone has been involved in bonsai for a long time does not mean that they will not benifit from some help and support.

Just remember for local bonsai clinics – Second Saturday!


Bonsai Clinic Dates

Please see our bonsai clinic calender for details.

Please note, that we also take bookings direct, so availability on this site may not be accurate.

Bonsai clinics, workshops and classes

Our bonsai clinics are designed for you.

Bonsai tree workshops and classes are great for beginners, but beyond the basics, sometimes we need a little extra support or hand holding, that is what a bonsai clinic can do.

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