Bonsai – Protecting bonsai trees from Vine Weevil bonsai killers by mikbonsai

Bonsai – Protecting bonsai trees from Vine Weevils bonsai killers by mikbonsai. Vine Weevils attack plants grown in containers. All adults are females and lay hundreds of eggs in in one growing season. During summer months the adults eat the leaves leaving irregular edges. Where as the grubs live in moist and compost rich soil feeding on the roots of the trees resulting in wilting leaves, loss of vigor and eventual death of the trees. To control the Vine Weevils there are a number of methods, check all newly bought plants foliage for adult beetles and the root balls for larvae/grubs, best way is to return the infested plants. At re-potting time if there are any vine weevil grubs these can be removed by hand. To control the larvae/grubs control by watering in to pots and containers a water solution with microscopic pathogenic nematode, Steinernema kraussei. For best results the pots and containers must be watered prior to the nematode application and also after the application so that the bonsai soil is moist. The grubs like wet compost rich soil and don’t like gritty quick draining bonsai soil mix. To prevent Vine Weevil infestation, the bonsai trees and patio container plants must be regularly re-potted in fresh gritty soil which should be quick draining and low in or

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