Bonsai Trees – Chinese Elm Bonsai Forest Field Grown Part 3 | mikbonsai | Bonsai Tips

Bonsai Trees – Chinese Elm Bonsai Forest Field Grown Part 3 | mikbonsai

It also contains tips and information on how to care and maintain your Chinese Elm bonsai tree and is for all levels of abilities. See below for a care and maintenance summary.

This Video is about field grown Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) bonsai trees. These trees are natives of China, Korea, Japan and the far east Asian countries.

These trees grow very fast and need to be pruned regularly. These trees are winter hardy in the UK and I keep mine out doors at all times of the year. Chinese Elms are deciduous trees and lose of of their leaves in the autumn.

These trees can be placed in full sun or partial shade. Good bonsai soil mix is preferable for good drainage. These trees are very robust and if watering is over looked, not for too long, they bounce back and are very forgiving.

As the trees are in little pots, the goodness from the bonsai soil mix doesn’t last long so they need to be fed. I use variety of fertlisers, including chicken pallets, chempack 10:10:10 seaweed extract and what every else is handy. My feeding regime starts in spring and goes through to almost the end of autumn.Part 3 shows development of thick primary, secondary and tertiary branches and the trees are pruned again .

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