**NEW** Japanese White Pine Bonsai – removing old needles

Japanese White Pine Bonsai – removing old needles & candle pruning.

Dead needles from the previous year are remove. This Japanese White Pine is then pruned. Pruning of a Japanese white pine involves candle pruning. In many places on the tree, it would have grown three or more candles and some of them would be growing very vigorously.

If left un checked, these would develop into thin long branches. where ever there are three or more candles, the strongest candles should be removed leaving two of the weakest candles. This slows the growth down and the tree is more balanced.

Japanese White Pines’ natural habitat is on the mountain sides in Japan and when it rains they get plenty of water, which runs off the slope of the mountain and the soil dries out in between the previous and the next rainfall. JWP Bonsai also like this type of conditions, so l=after watering let the soil dry out and if there are any weeds in the pot, they should be wilting and that the sign to water it again.



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