Restoring old Hawthorn bonsai tree, How to Bonsai a Neglected Hawthorn Bonsai tree by Iqbal Khan

How to Bonsai a Neglected Hawthorn Bonsai tree, Restoring an old Hawthorn bonsai tree,

I acquired this tree in the summer of 2013, as part of a eight tree collection. I have not done much to it except wire some branches to improve branch placement and also try to have the tree bud where there were fe or no branches.

The trees at some point in time had been show trees. The owner was in ill health and as a result the trees had been neglected, had been pushed up against the wall and must have been like that for many years as all the growth on the trees was on one side.

First part of the video was shot in November last year when I wired the branches and changed their placement to where there were none, to improve the appearance of the tree,

I let it grow this year and in August this year, removed the wires from the branches, Pruned it and also removed the stumps left behind after removal of branches by the previous owner.

The tree is looking much better than when I acquired it a year ago, but still needs more work to bring the best out of it.


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