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Simple way to root plants from cuttings of Portulacaria Afra, Jade plants and ficus trees. Follow this step by step guide and start by taking cutting when pruning your jade plants and ficus trees. LEarn How to grow jade plants and ficus trees from cuttings. How to propagate Jade plant and also how to propagate ficus tree cuttings. Leave the Jade cutting for a couple of days for the ends of the cuttings to dry out, then remove all the leave leaving a few at the tip of the cutting. Plant in dry soil or sand and leave it until there is new foliage which is indication that the cuttings have rooted, and its time to water them. Jade plants do best when the soil is on the dry side, this is when the roots grow as they look for water.

From the ficus cuttings remove all the leaves except at the tips, then scrape of the bark from just above the cut, dip in rooting hormone and plant in soil bonsai soil mix or sand. Water thoroughly and place in a plastic bag, spray the inside of the plastic bag and seal the top of the bag with tie, creating humidity in side the bag. Place on a south facing windowsill. Check weekly and add more water if necessary to maintain humidity. When new foliage appears, the cuttings have rooted and its time to take them out of the plastic bag.

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