What can a bonsai tree signify? from Anonymous

I am not sure what made you ask this question, could it be due to misconceptions by many people that bonsai are specie of their own. There is no such specie.
Bonsai trees are replication of a large trees in miniature. The trees do not signify any thing in particular. However, I have come across couples buying bonsai trees to celebrate their marriage and for them is a sign of their love for each other growing as the tree grows over the years.
On the 5th Weeding anniversary traditionally the gifts are wooden and many people buy bonsai trees as a gift for the other spouse to celebrate the anniversary.
I have also come across colleagues presenting a Bonsai tree to one retiring. Bonsai trees are also very popular gifts on mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays etc.
The significance of the tree is different for each person and it is very personal to each individual or couple in case of 5th Wedding anniversary gift or their wedding gift. I know one mother who was given a bonsai tree by her son over fifteen years ago and she is very proud of the tree and has a special place for it in her kitchen. People also get very attached to their trees for sentimental reasons and the sentiments for each person is different dependent on the back ground and the reason the got or were given the tree.

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